Better Crafting

by wowm0d

Adds a better crafting solution to helix.

The better crafting plugin is a fully featured and robust crafting system. Recipes are put into the /recipes/ folder and crafting stations are put into the /stations/ folder.

When creating recipes you can add hooks to before and after any action, example:

RECIPE:PostHook("OnCanCraft", function(recipeTable, client)
	for _, v in pairs(ents.FindByClass("ix_station_workbench")) do
		if (client:GetPos():DistToSqr(v:GetPos()) < 100 * 100) then
			return true

	return false, "You need to be near a workbench."

This will check for a unique crafting station within range called workbench - this hook is called after every other check inside OnCanCraft is made, if you want to hook this before OnCanCraft you would use PreHook instead of PostHook. This hooking feature allows you to literally do anything within your recipes. Available hooks are "OnCanCraft", "OnCanSee", "OnCraft" they all have the recipeTable and client as arguments. Recipe Format: = "RecipeName"
RECIPE.description = "HoverDescription"
RECIPE.model = "UIDisplayModel"
RECIPE.category = "UICraftingCategory"
RECIPE.requirements = {
	["item_uniqueID"] = 1,
	["item_uniqueID"] = 2 -- number is amount required
RECIPE.results = {
	["item_uniqueID"] = 1,
	["item_uniqueID"] = {1, 2, 5}, -- table of amounts to choose from
	["item_uniqueID"] = {["min"] = 1, ["max"] = 10} -- table of min and max value
} = {"item_uniqueID", "item_uniqueID"}
RECIPE.flag = "F" -- flag to restrict visibility and a requirement

Station Format: = "HoverName"
STATION.description = "HoverDescription"
STATION.model = "WorldModel"


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