Protection Teams

by wowm0d

Adds joinable protection teams for combine to join from the tab menu.

The Protection Team menu automatically updates whenever a PT action occurs. ex: PT Creation, PT Joined, etc… It is possible to modify the plugin to suit your schema, however by default it works OOTB with HL2 RP.

There are client & server hooks ran after any PT action:

  • PLUGIN:OnCreateTeam(client, index)
  • PLUGIN:OnReassignTeam(index, newIndex)
  • PLUGIN:OnSetTeamOwner(client, index)
  • PLUGIN:OnDeleteTeam(index)
  • PLUGIN:OnJoinTeam(client, index)
  • PLUGIN:OnLeaveTeam(client, index)

There are also player variables set on client & server:

  • LocalPlayer().curTeam & client.curTeam – team index
  • LocalPlayer().isTeamOwner & client.isTeamOwner – bool



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Support for this plugin can be found here:

Players can use these commands to interact with this plugin


Create a Protection Team.


Join a Protection Team.


Kick a PT member.


Promote a PT member to PT lead or assume the lead position.


Leave your Protection Team.


Reassign PT number index.

Copyright 2020 wowm0d
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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