TFA Support

by Taxin2012

What that plugin does:

Generates items (weapons, ammo, attachments); Add ability to use attachments in inventory like items (equip to weapons); Automatically changes and registering ammo and ammo types; Shows in description what attachments are have the weapon, ammo type and magazine capacity; Allows to edit weapons parameters without editing the original weapon.

Before use, edit the sound on those lines in “sh_tfa_support.lua” file: 142, 236, 306, 354

“sh_tfa_ammo.lua” - Here you can add ammo ( and new ammo types ). “sh_tfa_weps.lua” - Here you can edit weapon parameters. “sh_tfa_attach.lua” - Here you can add attachments.

You can select: auto-generate all weapons but blacklisted or auto-generate only that weapons that described in sh_tfa_weps.lua file. For that, just edit “PLUGIN.DoAutoCreation” option in “sh_tfa_support.lua” file.

DoAutoCreation parameter in sh_plugin.lua file: If true: Auto-generate items for all weapons with tfa_ prefix If false: Auto-generate only that items that described in sh_tfa_weps.lua file *Black List works for both methods

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