by Gr4ss

A small plugin that allow some factions to use waypoints. To just list the features:

  • Add one or more of the following to a faction's file (what they do is quite self-explanatory):
    • FACTION.canSeeWaypoints = true
    • FACTION.canAddWaypoints = true
    • FACTION.canRemoveWaypoints = true
    • FACTION.canUpdateWaypoints = true
  • Players can still remove/update their own waypoints without their faction having Remove/Update permissions.
  • Makes it easy to add waypoints script-wise with a global library function (in case you for example want to create a waypoint where a player died).
  • Waypoints can have some text.
  • Waypoints can have different colors and can be made to last for a certain amount of time.
  • Waypoint markers draw through walls and include a distance to them in meters. It is also possible to add waypoints without a distance marker.
  • Waypoints will visually change a bit when a player can see the actual location.
  • Players joining will see waypoints created before they joined if they should see them. Everything updates quite nicely.
  • No texture download needed, waypoint is just drawn with lines and rectangles.

Support for this plugin can be found here: https://discord.gg/mntpDMU

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(c) 2016 by Gr4Ss ([email protected])
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